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Becoming a master and becoming After Effects takes time, but luckily there are some really good resources to help you hone your skills as a Motion graphic Artist. In the following post, we’ll take a look at 10 of our favorite After Effects blogs on the Internet. If you can think of more, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

1. Lester Banks

If you like watching After Effects tutorials, then Lester Banks is the place for you. The highly organized site offers After Effects tutorials from all over the Internet. From new Plugins to expressions, each tutorial shows us how to do something awesome in After Effects.

Recently, Lester Banks has focused more on creating simple effects in After Effects, tutorials that focus on a technique rather than an amazing end result-but tutorials are no less useful.

2. PremiumBeat

As you probably already know, PremiumBeat is a fantastic place to find royalty-free music, but what you may not know is that your Blog is one of the largest movie, video production and Motion Graphics blogs in the world. With a great team of authors, PremiumBeat seems to have an expert for everything.

PremiumBeat features exclusive After Effects tutorials from industry professionals such as Mikey Borup, Evan Abrams and Joey Korenman. PremiumBeat posts about After Effects almost every day, and, with dozens of articles published every week, we encourage you to return to their website every day.

3. Pro Video Coalition

If you are looking for the recent news on videography and editing, Pro Video Coalition is the place to be. PVC focuses on Equipment and equipment in a way that would make most professionals very happy.

PVC takes a look at the industry through the lens of an experienced professional. You will not find beginner articles here. Instead, PVC focuses on high-end themes so you can understand your craft on a deep level.

4. Motionographer

Although Motiongrapher is not necessarily focused solely on After Effects, it might be the best Resource for Professional Motion Graphic Inspiration on the Internet. The thing that makes Motionographer different is the fact that they offer a lot of questions and answers with industry experts from all genres of Motion Graphics.

From music videos to industry news, this is a fantastic place that you can visit regularly. If you are looking for your next Motion Design concert, you should also check out their job Board.

5. Video Co-Pilot

If you are a motion designer, then you are probably very familiar with the tutorials and products offered by Video Copilot. If not, stop reading this article, go to and your life is now changed. But you might be surprised to know that Video Copilot also has a great Blog.

While you certainly don’t post there every day, the Blog is full of helpful tips and updates regarding tutorials and products. If you want to go further in Video Copilot, feel free to visit the Forum section where you can connect with thousands of movement designers from around the world. It is not uncommon for me to search for an After Effects question online and come across a video co-pilot thread.

6. motion script

Motion Script focuses precisely on what the Name implies … While you’re not doing script yourself, there’s something here for designers of all levels. From expressions to Javascript, you will find many useful articles here.

Motion Script is the only website on this List that won’t be updated regularly, but remember to do so the next time you attempt to work on scripts in After Effects.

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